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  TITEL Premium Beer Drinker's Guide
    The World's Strongest, Boldest and Most Unusual Beers
  AUTEUR Stephen Beaumont
  PRIJS 20,00
  JAAR 2000
  ISBN 155209510xx
  AFMETING 25,4 x 17,6 cm
  TAAL Engels
  BLZ. 224
  NW./GEBRUIKT Nieuw    
Focused purely upon mysterious brews like Trappist Ale, Lambic Gueuze, Doppelbock, Imperial Stout and Barley Wine, Premium Beer Drinker's Guide reviews and recommends more than 60 international and domestic beers from Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, United States and Canada; covers 31 beer styles, such as Lambic & Geuze, Weizenbock, Doppelbock, Cask-Flavored Ales, Abbey-Style Ales, Peated Malt Beers and Mulling Beers; provides key ratings for every Classic Example: price, freshness and durability, and availability and contains more than 80 full color illustrations, a beer glossary, a quick-reference guide with short descriptions and suggested foods that go well with that beer.
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